Buxton and Dawe Services

Structured Cabling

Buxton and Dawe brings extensive experience in structured data cabling and fiber optic distribution designs and installations. Cabling is the most important element in any communication network. Simply put, your network will not run at full optimization if the cabling was not designed and installed correctly. Let Buxton and Dawe work with your organization to design and manage your structured cabling requirements end to end. This includes design, installation and testing so your network will run at its highest capacity well into the future.

    Cabling Service Portfolio:
  • Data centre design
  • Project management Services
  • Data and Voice Cable Installation
  • Fibre backbone installation
  • Cable management equipment
  • Cabling certification
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Building Automation

Today's building automation systems are quickly migrating to an Internet based management platform utilizing both wired and wireless Ethernet technologies. In addition, disparate Building Systems are collapsing on a single platform making the installation and maintenance more complex. More than just cabling, Buxton and Dawe includes over 14 years' experience in Engineering, Designing, Testing, Installing and Maintaining Communication Networks. Network experience combined with a number of large installations under their belt, your organization can be sure to maximize your investment in Building Automation System.

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Infrared Thermal Imaging Services

Regular thermal imaging can detect potentially serious faults in electrical and mechanical equipment before they develop. Once a problem is found, action can be taken to fix the problem thus ensuring system continuity. Thermal Imaging Equipment does not interfere with an organizations day to day business and will not result in any system downtime. The benefits of a Thermal Imaging Analysis include:

  • Long Term Cost Savings
  • Early Detection of Potential Faults
  • Increased System Uptime
  • Building Hazard Reduction
  • Non Destructive
  • No Down Time
  • Possible Insurance Premium Rebates
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Sub Metering

Buxton and Dawe is committed to providing customized metering solutions. From Initial consultation and needs analysis and meter system design to full installations and ongoing support, you can be sure Buxton and Dawe has the experience to complete your project right. Many Metering Applications require integration with a BAS and Buxton and Dawe has the expertise and experience with several BAS vendors.

    Sub Metering Services:
  • Design of the meter system
  • Specifying correct hardware and communications equipment
  • Managing and verifying the meter installation
  • BAS communications & integration
  • Validating system operation and BAS data
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Data Network Services

Let Buxton and Dawe help your organization design, install, test and maintain your data communications network. With over 13 years' experience with the three leading IP vendors and hundreds of installations, you can be sure that your project will be engineered to meet your requirements today and well into the future. At Buxton and Dawe, we understand the constraints faced by an IT organization and are here to design, build, test and maintain an optimized infrastructure to meet any budget.

    Network Architecture and Design Services
  • Wired and Wireless Network Design and Installation
  • Network inventory and performance audits
  • Data Center Optimization
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cabling Optimization (Fiber and Cat5, 5e, 6)
  • Point to Point Wireless Broadband
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